“Une photographie c’est un arret du coeur d’une fraction de  seconde”… 

The photographer’s gaze selects what to frame, the camera obeys and, in the blink of an eye, life is frozen as a miraculous, eternal witness of an instant.  

Our childhood is forever etched in the utmost detail, as are the landscapes we’ve travelled, our most memorable moments, our loved ones, our celebrations and our greatest achievements…

When chemistry abounds between photographer and lens, the resulting image is a profound and intimate reflection of the photographer’s will, an interpretation of the retina that sublimates reality with magical synergy.

Though in this day and age almost any device can bless us with high quality images, the artist’s gaze is no less elusive. No matter how good the cameras become, and precisely because photographs have become so commonplace, the photograph we cherish remains the photographer’s prerogative, a choice reflecting the artist’s innermost instincts before myriad possibilities. Because the photographer’s spirit is unique, so too are the photographs he or she chooses for framing.

Frederique is moved by light.

Natural light has been a constant in her work, just as the unique quality of the light of the landscapes of her infancy. Though exterior photographs predominate in her work, even her indoor work invokes the warm, enveloping quality of the Andalusian sun. She’s inclined to remain true to colours just as they are.

Frederique’s images portray a keen sense of complicity between photographer and both the objects and gazes she captures, spontaneity and authenticity shining through. Capturing genuine reactions and expressions is her passion. Through the lens her gaze seeks the moment where natural light and inner light coincide – a moment of natural, radiant beauty.

Andri Söderström